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Training & Professional Development

Hands-on, customized education,
goals and plan development

Comprise DEI Foundations

A detailed walkthrough of the foundations, fundamentals, and core principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices

Implicit/Unconscious Bias

How attitudes and/or stereotypes affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner

Cultural Identity Literacy/Proficiency Training

How to move beyond cultural competency and toward cultural proficiency


How social categorizations such as race, class, and gender are interconnected and often impact systems of oppression, discrimination, and disadvantage


How subtle and often unintentional forms of exclusion and discrimination occur and create cultural conflict

Difficult Conversation Skill-Building

How to engage in complex, complicated cultural dialogue in productive, healing ways

Project Management & Support

Effectively guide implemention of business-enhancing,
agile PMO strategies, improving culture and subsequent
project and portfolio performance

  • Administrative & Project Support for DEI Practitioners

data collection & Analysis

A wide range of services to collect, assess, and understand data
to build evidence-based plans and decisions

  • Quantitative Survey
  • Qualitative Survey
  • Cross-reference Data
  • Focus/Uncovering Group Facilitation

research & curriculum development

Our unique service develops curriculum, supports strategic plans and offers recommendations to build the most competitive, diverse, and
effective organizations

  • Best Practice Analysis and Distillation
  • Strategic Implementation